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Weeding Through the Debate: Should Medicinal Marijuana be Legal? Legalize Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes The debate is hot.Each side has its argument and is ready to fire away with statistics and facts.Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal purposes?Is marijuana actually safe for the body?Can marijuana really help patients in need...

medicinal marijuana

When looking at some of the major issues happening in our country we feel one stands out legalization of medicinal marijuana. The Federal government refuses to legalize marijuana for medicinal use, even though several states already have it legalized. For example California proposed proposition 215 (legalization of medicinal use) in...

Medicinal marijuana essay example

Medicinal Marijuana Jeerer Hughes GE 100 Majority Bonds Imagine having an illness that couldn’t be cured. All the drugs administered never eased the symptoms, all except for one marijuana. This was the case for an eight year old boy named Sam diagnosed with Autism. Medical marijuana has many benefits and...

Why Medicinal Marijuana Should be Legal

I understand that Marijuana has known side effects and many natural chemicals. But are those side effects and chemicals as bad as those in our FDA approved prescription drugs? Medical Marijuana should be federally legalized and regulated in the United States, just like all other FDA approved prescription drugs. The...

Medicinal Marijuana research paper

“When I was In England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and didn’t like It. I didn’t Inhale and I didn’t try It again,” said Bill Clinton who at the time was the Governor of Arkansas and the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Intro: Medicinal Marijuana, how...


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